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My Priorities

Safe Communities

Every family, every child, every business - everyone - deserves to live and thrive in a safe community.  I fully support funding our Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and First Responders.  Each one of these community heroes put their lives on the line for us daily.  They can never be thanked enough for what they do.  I will never be a part of a political party, organization or group that wishes to "defund" them.  They in fact need to be FULLY funded.  We need to do all we can to make our communities as safe as possible and we can do this by working together and leaving divisive politics behind.

Parental Rights

There simply has not been a harder time to be a parent than now.  If you are a parent who has remained in your child's life you are a hero and never should be disregarded because of a political agenda.  When it comes to your child's education YOUR VOICE MATTERS.  

Educational and Workforce Readiness

Much of your success in life comes from the quality of the education you receive.  Battle Creek, Albion and Calhoun County are home to some of the best educational institutions and teachers in the State of Michigan.  From our many outstanding school districts to Kellogg Community College, Albion College, WMU and more, we have an environment for educational success. 

I also have to acknowledge the importance and the many opportunities that come from skilled trades, where much of my success in life has come from.  Battle Creek has a proud blue-collar history and with the increasing demand for skilled labor after the COVID pandemic, our community is positioned to lead Michigan and the nation forward. Supporting our teachers and investing in STEM and STEAM programs will be a sure way to grow our Calhoun county communities and become a place where businesses and families look to locate and invest. 

Personal Property Rights

The freedom to buy, sell, and utilize property, as protected in the 5th amendment, underlies all real estate transactions and markets. Any restrictions placed on a property owner from realizing the highest and best use of that property hinders economic growth and development and reduces freedoms inherent in our society.  


My Bold Positions 

Protecting Union and Non-Union Jobs

Kellogg's disinvestment in our community is a massive tragedy. I will work to bring the best job opportunities to the 44th District: unionized or not.  We are in competition with other communities and states and even globally for both small businesses and corporations to invest in.  Me and my office will work with existing businesses and labor leaders to stay and grow here, and I want to work with other potential businesses to pave a path for them to move here and bring good jobs to our area to help give my neighbors the highest quality career opportunities.

Property Tax Reform 

I will be a loud voice in Lansing for the need to reform our property taxes.  Michigan needs to be a state that is advantageous for both individuals and businesses to invest in.  Taxing families and seniors out of their homes is not the answer.  We need a tax structure that lowers taxes for seniors and also rewards you to improve your home as opposed to penalizing you for doing so.  Home ownership is the biggest investment most people make and a sure path to financial prosperity. Government should be making that journey as easy as possible and stop using your home to bankroll out of control spending in Lansing.  

Stand up for Veterans

I believe we have a sacred obligation to prepare and equip our troops when we send them into harm’s way, to care for them and their families while deployed and treat them with dignity and respect when they return home - because not all do. Our service members ensure our freedoms, our security and our rights. They are willing to sacrifice everything - and many have. I will always be a strong voice for our community's proud veterans. Battle Creek losing the VA will be detrimental to Calhoun County and I will leverage every advantage I have to keep it where it is and increase the resources and amount of support it currently receives.

Protect Seniors

Elderly men and women deserve to retire without government interfering and burdening them after working and providing for their families their entire lives. I've already mentioned that I want to restructure Michigan's property tax code to keep seniors in their homes but I also want to repeal Michigan's pension tax and expand it to ALL forms of retirement income.


My Promise to Work for YOU!  

Being your Representative is a Full Time Job  

100% of my focus will be on working for YOU.  I will do as much as I possibly can to bring as many resources back to our community as possible.  There are few greater honors than to be elected to serve. 

With this comes the tremendous responsibility to do as much as possible to represent every voter and every community in my District and to fight in Lansing for what is in the best interest of everyone.

Weekly Podcast each Sunday

I will host a weekly podcast which will focus on our district, as well as what is happening in the legislature.  I want you to hear from some of the Lansing insiders and learn about the legislation and policies that are being debated and voted on.  I will also interview many of our local small business owners, non-profit groups, teachers, local heroes and leaders from our diverse district.  Each week our podcast will help keep you informed and hopefully bring our community together. 

In-District Mobile Office 

When elections end, the real work begins.  Our neighbors have faced many challenges over the past couple years and we all need to work together regardless of party affiliation.  By having a mobile office  all the members of the 44th District will have access to our staff and the many services we will provide.  Our mobile office will have a scheduled day once a month in each of municipalities we serve.  City of Battle Creek, City of Springfield, City of Albion, Townships of Bedford, Clarence, Convis, Lee, Pennfield and Sheridan.   People over Politics is not just a slogan, it is a promise!

Team 44 Student Athlete GPA Champions Program

One of the most important parts of my life was being a student athlete at Pennfield High School.  As you become part of a team you learn many life long lessons such as how to overcome adversity, working together in order to obtain a successful outcome for all, integrity, and the value of hard work.

I also have watched as many teams and programs at both our public and private schools within the 44th  district struggle with funding.  Lack of funding can affect the many opportunities and achievements our student athletes can obtain.  I have been blessed in life.   A lot of my success comes from all the coaches I had and also because I had the opportunity to play on many sports teams while attending school.  To this day I look back on all the values I learned playing at Pennfield High School.

 As your State Representative my job is to provide opportunities and give back where I can.    My Team 44 Student Athlete GPA Champions Program is one of the areas I will be focusing on and want to personally make a difference.   In order to do this I will be donating and creating a $50,000 fund each year I am in office.   These funds will be distributed and donated to High School Boy's and Girl's Sports teams annually.   

Each team will be ranked based on their team GPA with the highest GPA receiving the largest donation.  From there we will rank each team down to the top 25 teams with each receiving a donation.  My donation must be used in some way to enhance the team that earned it and to improve the program at the coaches and teams discretion.   

Each of these student athletes and coaching staff will be honored at a special ceremony myself and our office will host.  We want to set the bar high and challenge each student athlete to reach their highest potential.  Working together we all win!     

Truth in Taxation Forum

Once a year myself and my office will hold an in-district forum where we will invite each government entity receiving tax revenues to give a presentation about their organization and how your tax dollars are being spent.  Every taxpayer deserves to know where their hard earned money is being invested and how it is making our community stronger. 

Future Leaders Program

Every High School Student in our district who either attains a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, or improves their grade point by 1.0 from the previous school year, will be honored at a very special event that I will work with other community leaders to host each year.  These Future Leaders will also be required to volunteer 20 or more hours at one of our many wonderful non-profit organizations or other approved organizations within our district.  Investing in yourself and giving back are both important qualities for our Future Leaders to have.        

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